Welcome to da Vinci's Brain—a fun, encouraging and adaptable place where educators, parents, and young students learn using strategies that acknowledge the personality of the whole child.

We focus on three areas:

classrooms & Education Partnerships

daVinci's Brain is delighted to collaborate in your classroom. Get the support of a local 3D design and 3D printing expert, and learn how to integrate creative STEAM opportunities in with existing curriculum. The goal of these workshops is to promote the broadening the use of the Occupational Therapy unique set of skills in the general classroom. From understanding and serving the needs of the whole child to develop healthy and adapted learning skills that can be used in or out of school. 

afterschool makerspace and summer learning

STEAM concepts are brought to life as students dive into multi-sensory and hands-on learning projects led by experienced  professional educators and child development professionals. Events range from small group (2-6 students) to 1 on 1 sessions with an Occupational Therapist. Enrollment is always open.

For our older youths, we use a blend of technology and soft skill development to help prepare students for life’s transitions, whether it be higher education or entering into the workforce. Working in small groups helps to reinforce concepts and provides a safe place for them to ask questions and make mistakes. 

Educational technology Tools & toys for learning

We offer a line of educational toys especially selected by our team for scalable learning for all ages. We also have access to state-of-the-art technology like MakerBot 3D-printers and Little Bits modular electronic building blocks that are often incorporated into the our projects. Families and professional educators may choose to purchase these technologies directly, so we can support you during implimentation and ongoing learning.   All sales benefit local youth programming and supplies for our MakerSpace.